​​​​​​​​About Me


I have been employed as a human resources executive in the telecommunications and insurance industries and provided extensive coaching and consulting support to CEO's and other senior management members on employee relations and strategic development initiatives. 

​In addition to business writing, I enjoy creative writing and have written both short and long form personal essays, memoir pieces, articles, op-eds, poetry, and lyrics.  You can see some of my writing on the My Work page.

I'm Gail Lang and I'm good at writing. I'm able to combine information and ideas and put them into words that are moving and meaningful. My mission is to help other people feel as good about their writing as I do about mine!

 Gail Lang    Gail@GailLang.com    


I have a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Syracuse University and a Master of Arts in Writing from The Johns Hopkins University.

​Something More

I have two other skills that I use in my work.

  • I synthesize information well and quickly get to the heart of the issue or matter. Since great writing starts with a clear central idea, I am able to condense the material into its simplest and most straightforward form.
  • I listen.  I listen very carefully to what is being said and what is not being said. I have successfully worked with others in reaching their goals because whatever assistance they have asked of me, be it evaluating a job candidate, conducting an investigation, solving a problem, strategizing a long-term objective, or creating a written work, I can hear what needs to be said or done.